Coming to America: Brosway Italia Debuts in the U.S.

Fashion jewelry has made serious inroads in the fine jewelry
landscape, so it’s not too surprising that some costume jewelry companies will
be exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas. One such firm is Brosway Italia, a company
founded by Lanfranco Beleggia in Italy in 1979, and a maker of stainless steel,
gold plate, bronze, sterling silver, and Swarovski crystal jewelry. Look for
the firm’s Très Jolie Collection at the show in the Vicenza Oro Italian Club in
Mandalay Bay, Level 2 S12424. Brosway
Italia has 500 SKUs collection-wide, retail prices starting at $54, and is also collaborating with MInneapolis-based manufacturer Ostbye on distribution in the United States.

Brosway Italia

Notre Dame ring in gold-plated bronze features a Swarovski
crystal center stone; $109

Brosway Italia

The Catherine bracelet is made of stainless steel and
Swarovski crystals; $114

Brosway Italia

The Romeo & Juliet rose gold-plated stainless steel
necklace has Swarovski crystals; $154


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