Classic, simple designs at VicenzaOro

Classic themes, subtle or traditional colors and drop silhouettes emerged as the key jewelry fashion trends by designers debuting new collections at the VicenzaOro show.

Hearts and crosses remain two of the strongest themes in design for 2003. Designers, however, are interpreting new forms for these traditional favorites—words are woven into crosses and hearts clustered to form clovers.

In line with the focus on tradition, charms are one of the most popular styles at Vicenza. The style includes both traditional charm bracelets and the interesting use of charms to adorn rings and necklaces.

Classic themes carry through to the use of color. Along with sapphire and diamond, ruby is a favorite stone for the season. Not all is tradition, however, and spring fashion’s call for pastel colors produces increasing use of soft colors like pink mother of pearl.

Fashion also dictates a continuation of drop-style necklaces and earrings. The general simplicity and clean lines of style, meanwhile, has designers looking for inspiration in Art Deco geometric fashion. Circles and ovals—large pave circle cocktail rings, oval chain links, and faceted oval gemstones for example—are the favorite shape of the season.

Finally, designers offer a whimsical escape from global economic and political woes. Zydo, for example, bases a new line on a mushroom motif. Fope offers electroform animal pendants, and several companies send a message with “lucky” four-leaf clovers.