CJA to host the 2006 CIBJO Congress in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada, will be the site for the 2006 congress of CIBJO—The World Jewellery Federation in 2006. The Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA) will be the official host of the event.

The Vancouver location of the 2006 CIBJO Congress was made public during the JCK Show ~ Las Vegas. However, the decision to hold the event in the western Canadian city was taken at the 2004 CIBJO Congress, which was held this past February in Bangkok, Thailand. The next CIBJO Congress is scheduled to take place in Hong Kong, from March 5-8, 2005.

While the exact dates of the 2006 CIBJO Congress have still to be set, Catherine Sproule, CJA executive director, said that the CJA is keen to follow the long-standing CIBJO tradition of scheduling the event comfortably adjacent to major trade shows in the region. Consequently it is likely to take place in February, before or after the Tucson and Phoenix trade shows, or in May or June, around the time of the JCK Show ~ Las Vegas. This would make attending the event convenient for the international audience that is expected to participate.

“We are now beginning to plan the congress in earnest,” Sproule said. “CIBJO’s president, Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri will be making his first visit to Canada this August, where he has been invited to attend the Jewellery World Expo in Toronto. From there we will travel to Vancouver, where we will begin scouting suitable venues.”

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