CIBJO President Outlines WJEF’s EducationalProgram

CIBJO president Gaetano CavalieriCIBJO president Gaetano Cavalieri, speaking at the second Antwerp Diamond Symposium held November 16th, provided an outline of the educational program that will be delivered by the World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation.

WJCEF’s educational program will have a two level structure, in which the second level is more advanced. The first level would start with a hands-on workshop, and that would be followed by eight weeks of online courses. The level would end with a second hands-on workshop. The venues of the workshops are still to be determined. They could take place at a university, in one or several of the major jewelry or gemstone centres, or at industry events, like trade shows or conferences.

 The second level of the program would incorporate elements of an existing CSR Certificate program that is already taught at the University of Toronto. A joint certificate in CSR Studies would be awarded to candidates who successfully complete the requirements of Level 2 and it would be accredited by the United Nations Institute for Training and ResearchEach course will include general CSR training, and also elements that are specific to the sector of the industry in which the candidate is involved.

The educational programme was designed for CIBJO by AIFOMD, which is a UN-sanctioned body that develops educational programs designed to advance the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.

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