CIBJO Gemmological Commission Releases Special Report

CIBJO’s Gemmological Commission has issued its special
report ahead of the 2011 CIBJO Congress next month in Porto, Portugal.

At the CIBJO Congress, the Gemmological Commission will
examine the need for setting an international gemology standard. It will also
look at how CIBJO, and especially the Gemmological Commission, will respond to
and communicate regarding nomenclature matters with companies, educational and
academic institutions, consumers, and consumer organizations. 

The report also mentions the CIBJO Gemmological Forum, where
participants can hold online discussions on topics raised at the CIBJO
Congress, as well as other relevant issues. At the meetings, the commission
will request that its officers and other interested parties begin using the

To download the full report, click here.

The CIBJO Congress 2011 is scheduled to take place March
14–16 in Porto, Portugal.  For more
information, click here.

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