CIBJO Congress Comes to Close

Discussions over diamond nomenclature and organizational statutes dominated the 2009 Congress of CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, held at the Sheraton Istanbul Ataköy Hotel in Istanbul Turkey. The congress was hosted by the Turkish Jewellery Association.

During the three-day event, which ran from Sunday, May 3, through Tuesday, May 5, the CIBJO General Assembly unanimously passed sweeping changes to its statutes, extending voting rights to members representing commercial entities, while at the same time preserving the preeminent role of national associations.

The group also reelected Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri CIBJO president. The other senior office holders elected were Richard Peplow, vice president; Roland Naftule, vice president; and Marc-Alain Christen, chief financial officer.

CIBJO’s Diamond Commission discussed the issue of the nomenclature of gem-quality synthetic diamonds. Diamond Commission president Udi Sheintal proposed the creation of an industry-wide working group that will work to arrive at consensus terminology, whereas CIBJO affirmed its position that the term “synthetic” is the most appropriate descriptor for non-natural diamonds.

The Pearl Commission passed a motion to disclose a new treatment that is applied during the growth process of “Akoya” cultured pearls, where metal fluids are injected into the pearl’s sac to induce color. Pearl Commission president Martin Coeroli reported that the body resolved to disclose such pearls as “color induced cultured pearls.”

The Colored Stone Commission;s president, Vichian Veerasaksri, presented the new Ruby and Sapphire Guides for retailers.

The Gemmological Commission’s president, Dr. Margherita Superchi, presented the first complete draft of the “Gemmological Laboratory Book, A Guide for the Management and Technical Operations of Gemmological Laboratories.” The CIBJO delegates were asked to offer their comments and suggestions for modifications to the book within 30 days.

The Precious Metals Commission’s president Michael Allchin provided an overview of all the work done during the past year which included the launch of the updated Precious Metals Book, the publication of the Precious Metals booklet, and presentations on the PMB at international trade shows.

One of the highlights of the congress was the release of the “Retailers’ Reference Guide: Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls and Precious Metals,” by CIBJO’s Marketing and Education Commission. The guide, which will become available online, provides a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental elements of diamonds, gemstones, pearls and precious metals; practical handout that provide shop floor staff with the information they need for customers. The guide, which took two years to create, was produced by the CIBJO Marketing and Education Commission in collaboration with all the CIBJO Commissions and the global jewellery industry.

The congress also decided to create a new standing committee for chief executives of industry organizations. The new body, which is called the Association Executive Networking Committee will hold its first full meeting at the CIBJO Congress in 2010.