Chrome Hearts: Bringing Art, Rock + Fashion Together Since 1989

This summer I found myself in the Sean Kelly gallery for the opening reception of Celebrity Portraits, an homage to the greats Mapplethorpe & Warhol. I loved the photographic exhibit so much that I hung a postcard from the event (above) in my workspace to bring some high art to my cube. I turn to them everyday for inspiration in my design; I like to think that they would deign to speak to me if encountered.

Recently, both artists have been in the forefront of my mind for other, more industry related, reasons. Our own Carrie Soucy, just a few days ago, posted on Style 360 about Robert Lee Morris’s new Andy Warhol collection & this morning I learned, via the LA Times that the Robert Mapplethorpe Estate is turning to Chrome Hearts to repurpose Mapplethorpe’s cross, flag and nude torso imagery for the more fashion-forward artists of the world (see below).

This new spin on Mapplethorpe’s work will be available in Chrome Hearts boutiques & museum stores worlwide in February of ‘07.

Back Story:
Chrome Hearts is an L.A.-based rock ‘n’ roll luxury brand designed by motorcycle enthusiast Richard Stark and his wife, Laurie Lynn Stark. Established in 1989 and renowned for their custom leather & jewelry designs made with top quality materials. You may know Chrome Hearts as the label that was approached by the Rolling Stones in 2002 to design & manufacture a collection of merchandise featuring the iconic and timeless Lips and Tongue symbol. Said collection consisted of leather jackets, accessories & jewelry in silver, gold & platinum & customized with diamonds & other fine gems.

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