Chinese tourbillions sold at 2005 BaselWorld

Watches with tourbillions—a feature in fine mechanical watches that compensates for the effect of gravity—are becoming common place among high-end watch brands. Close to 100 offered new models at this year’s BaselWorld 2005 as did most brands at SIHH (Salon international de la Haute Horologerie), the luxury watch fair in Geneva, whose Swiss exhibitors account for much of the luxury watch business.

However, not all tourbillions are Swiss, or even European, anymore. China has now also entered the tourbillion market.

Ocean Voice Time-Tech of Hong Kong showed JCK, on request, a tourbillion watch it is selling as a private label product to watchmakers and suppliers, who put their own name on it. The tourbillion, which Ocean Voice sells for to its clients for under $3,000, was two years in development, a spokesperson told JCK.

It is designed by Ocean Time and produced according to its technical specifications in China. Three days into the eight-day BaselWorld fair, Ocean Voice already had orders from at least 10 foreign clients, who ordered 10 to 20 each of the new tourbillion.

It has been rumored in recent years that some parts used in some European watches’ tourbillions might be Chinese-made, but this seems to be the first complete tourbillion made in China for sale in the watch industry.