Chinese New Year in Tucson

The National Chinese America Jewelry Association will again host and sponsor its annual Chinese New Year parties in Tucson during the February Tucson gem and jewelry shows to promote solidarity within the community of Asian American Jewelers and interactive relationships with international dealers.
For the past ten years, these NCAJA parties have become a tradition to its members. Its next Chinese New Year party will be held Feb. 9 in Tucson. At the event, there will have an inauguration ceremony in which NCAJA president Felix Chen of Prime Art & Jewel, will hand over the title to Leo Wong of Lucky Gem.
In related news, NCAJA has agreed to join Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers’ Association as sister association.
NCAJA was founded in November, 1987, as a non-profit organization aimed at providing assistance and services to mainly first generation naturalized Asian American jewelers in the U.S. Its membership has grown over 20 years and its service has expanded to cover the interest of all American jewelers. Its headquarters is in New York City.