China Presents International Jewelry Awards

The 2008 China International Jewelry Design Contest, organized by TTF Studio, presented awards to 30 fine jewelry designs during an Oct. 9 ceremony in Shenzhen, China.

The winners were selected from among 620 designs from 16 countries, including 1 Originality Prize, 2 First Prize, 8 Second Prize and 19 Third Prize.

The prize for originality was given to Cristina Melacci of Italy. The other prizes were shared by Korean and Chinese designers.

More than 1,200 guests representing many facets of the international jewelry industry attended the awards ceremony.

“A strong jewelry industrial needs support from the strongly innovative ability in jewelry design,” said Wu Fenghua, president of TTF Studio. “From the works of the participants, I deeply feel gratified that the young generation designers become a new sharp power of the Chinese jewelry industry. Their works break through the traditional concept and demonstrate the creative spirit of the Chinese jewelry design in the future.”