Charm Jewelry, Ice Diamonds, and Lux for Less for Spring Trends


A lean economy for fine jewelers means more affordable versions of over-the-top creations. That’s why designers at many of the spring shows—including VicenzaOro First and Baselworld—were showing economy-appropriate styles. Among the newest creations: charms (collectible and cute), less-expensive and highly included ‘ice’ diamonds for high-fashion looks, and stunning high-end pieces that retail for $2,000 or less.


Art director Todd Gast and JCK Luxury editor Carrie Soucy at our photo shoot for the A La Mode section of the Spring issue of JCK Luxury. We were photographing new pieces of fine jewelry from spring lines, all retail for $2,000 or less. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what JCK has in store for the May issue and the Spring issue of JCK Luxury. Want to see more? Pick up a copy of either book at JCK Las Vegas, or subscribe to JCK magazine online.



Ice Diamonds

Ice diamonds in varying hues create a lifelike alligator bangle. Paolo Piovan Gioielli, Padova, Italy; (39-49) 875-0709;


A dense display of oversize ice diamonds pops in an 18k yellow gold pendant.  Centoventuno, Bologna, Italy; (39-51) 636-0578;



Charm Jewelry


Tahitian pearl and colored stone charms are set in 14k gold. Tiffany Peay, Tiverton, R.I.; (888) 808-0201;


Bangles with charms are available in silver and karat gold. Jewelmak, New York; (212) 398-2999;



Luxury for Less than $2,000 Retail


Onyx and diamonds in 18k gold. Simon G., Glendale, Calif.; (800) 627-2661 ;  


Amethyst and rose quartz in 18k gold. Forum Romano, Sao Paulo, Brazil; (55-83) 355-8085;



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