Celebrities Go Big for Pendants

Did anyone catch the American Music Awards last night?

Okay, neither did I. Maybe it’s me showing my age and my musical ignorance but I’m A) not entirely clear on the purpose of these awards (I mean, the Grammy’s, sure), and B) really not clear on who about 40 percent of the attendees were. (thank you Gwen Stefani and Beyonce, for keeping me from feeling completely out of touch.)

But possible irrelevance of an event never keeps a good style editor from devouring the red carpet looks and, this morning, I did just that.

You have to give it to these musicians—at least some of them are willing to take fashion chances (ahem, boring Emmy Awards actresses). Sometimes to good results, like Stefani’s all-white 70s-reminscent Bond Girl getup. And, well, sometimes to not so good. (we love you Nelly Furtado, and you rock in your ads for gold, but what was the story with that shiny blue fabric?)

Outshining the clothes was, of course, the jewelry. The strongest trend (as JCKstyle predicted in our October issue) is pendants—a category that has come roaring back into fashion in a surprisingly short period of time. No more big ear-big-bracelet-bare-neck look (hooray, I say). It’s now all about pendants of all varieties.

Some of the best:

Stefani’s bold gold openwork medallion

Furtado’s gemstone cross

The various looks from the Pussy Cat Dolls

Vanessa Anne Hudgens’s peace symbol

We’re still two months out from the Golden Globes, and three from the Academy Awards, but my bet is on this pendant trend to make a strong showing on those red carpets, as well.

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