Cartier’s David Lynch Exhibit at Art Basel

Cartier will unveil “Diamonds, Gold and Dreams,” a creation by filmmaker David Lynch at the Art Basel Miami Beach contemporary arts fair.

This environment inside the Cartier Dome, located in the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, will reflect the sensual and dreamy yet dark mood with which Lynch is often associated.

In addition, Cartier will host guests inside the Art Collectors Lounge amid a space featuring a portrait of the artist as well as a video of the “making-of” the 2007 exhibition held at the Fondation Cartier

In 2007, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presented an exhibition devoted to the multifaceted visual art creations of David Lynch. This event marked the first time that he presented a large number of his paintings, photographs, drawings, alternative films, and sound production available to the public. It expressed the scope of his artistic creation with never-before seen works and was one of the most visited exhibitions in the history of the Fondation Cartier.

The exhibit includes a seven-minute “floating diamond” projection that will be displayed each hour accompanied by a musical score, his installation places visitors in a unique atmosphere created by light, sound, and texture, complementing the jewels displayed.

Lynch’s creative vision includes golden-fabric walls, gold-printed carpeting, gold trimmed display cases, an ornate curved display case for the incredible Patiala necklace, and gold-accented furniture with reflective glass tops, all of which highlight the organic-shaped counter in the center of the dome.

The Cartier Dome, located across from the Miami Beach Convention Center, is a geodesic dome, specially created for Miami Art Basel and will also serve as a special event space for invitation-only evening events.

Art Basel Miami Beach will take place Dec. 4-7.

Caption: The Cartier Dome at the 2007 Art Basel Miami Beach