Caroline Signing Off

by Caroline Stanley

Thanks for letting me have a spot in your computer for the last six months or so. When Cynthia and I wrote and published Jewelry Savvy, we had hoped the industry would like it, even though it was written for consumers. And you all do! As we’ve shown you over the last six months, the book does have many, many applications for the trade.Thank you for your support. :)

We wanted to give new insights into the jewelry in your showcases, and most importantly, give you new conversations to have with your customers. It’s all about helping you sell more jewelry — we do all share the same mission.

Many, many thanks to JCK and especially to Hedda Shupak for seeing the potential in this concept and giving us a voice and a pen (well, really a keyboard!). Coming up soon, you’ll see be seeing Cynthia’s writing here in a newly revised format.

This will be my last blog for Jewels on Jewels and starting September 1st, you’ll see some great changes that I know will keep you reading!

Happy Selling!
Caroline Stanley
Co-Author Jewelry Savvy
Pres/CEO Red Jewel, Inc.

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