Can Ebay Become a Major Diamond Seller?

Ebay, in its recent conference call, announced a new “design your own ring” tool


One interesting thing that came out of Idex’s recent announcement of an “ebay sales channel” is that ebay feels that it is not the player in the diamond space it is in others. This is partly because, as we all know, diamonds are expensive, and ebay has a mixed reputation. So the site appears to be getting around this by saying its tool deals with only “trusted sellers.”  (Which is different than when it first launched, and it went around to trade shows asking anyone to come sell.)


It should be noted that ebay does sell many high value objects; its ebay Motors is considered successful. General Motors even sold on it briefly.


I’d  be interested in people’s opinions on the new tool, and whether ebay can become a big name in the diamond business. For what it’s worth, the tool’s language on “conflict diamonds” is extremely weak. If ebay is going to have a conflict diamond policy it should not more than have people “claim” their diamonds are not from conflict areas (which is unlikely to satisfy any consumer), but at least ask for adherence to the Kimberley Process.

JCK News Director