Busiest Day of the Year

Today is the busiest day of year if you work for an advertising agency. Everyone wants to start the year off right by getting their strategies and marketing plans in place for 2011. If you have not set your goals and objectives for 2011- now is the time! To not do so just breeds complacency and reinforces the same old approaches to be repeated.

Take the time right now to develop your marketing plan for 2011. What tools would you like to have in your marketing tool box? What media are you going to use? How might your use of media be changing due to social networking? How might you further leverage your use of technology to support your marketing approaches?

Defining your marketing intentions in a marketing plan as well as in a budget to support your financial plan is very important.  Don’t assume that slotting dollars to be spent on marketing is enough. Go the extra step in qualifying your strategies for your planned marketing expenditures. Consider what sort of return on investment you should expect from your investments in marketing.

Do you have your marketing plans developed for 2011? If not, when will you? The new year is here and now is the time to develop your marketing plans to help you have the best year possible.

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