Bubbling Over With the Best of Marketplace’s Playful Treasures

As the air starts to turn just a little bit warmer and the days start to last just a little bit longer, I find myself impatiently waiting for the spring and summer months to finally arrive. When I think of summers past, I remember some of the best things about summer as a kid, and the thing that stands out the most might surprise you: bubbles. The best thing about these magical spheres of soap is that they’re really not just for kids. They are associated with weddings, champagne, and, perhaps most significantly, jewelry. Marketplace has some of the best bubble baubles around, so take a look at some of my favorites!

Nada G’s Bubble Earrings

Nada G's bubble earrings

Gorgeous earrings from Nada G prove that bubbles are all grown up! With 2 cts. t.w. of diamonds, available in 18k white or yellow gold, they’re just the thing to inspire warm and playful summer days.

Bubbles Collection Watch from Elle Time

Elle Time's bubble watch

The stainless steel band of Elle Time’s watch comes alive with a dancing bubble pattern and green dial face. The clean look ensures ease of wear for any day, no matter what the time of year.

Rahaminov Diamonds’ Multicolor Bubble Ring

Rahaminov's bubble ring

This is definitely one for the grown-ups. This dazzler from Rahaminov features 13.22 cts. t.w. of rough polished diamonds against a rich background of 18k yellow gold.  

Garavelli Aldo’s Bubble Bracelet

Garavalli Aldo's bubble bracelet

This is no ordinary bracelet. Garavelli Aldo’s piece includes round gold links and a stunning eternal circle of black diamonds. It’s bubbles with a little bit of drama for good measure!

Royal India’s Floating Bubble Earrings

Royal India's floating bubble earrings

For trendsetters everywhere, Royal India’s Floating Bubble Earrings are crafted of rose gold and trimmed in pavé diamonds. Diamond slices are the centerpiece of this truly magnificent pair.

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