Britt’s Pick: Shy Creation’s Ring Is Two Trends in One

Shy Creation diamond double nail ring

By now, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a sucker for trends. I prefer to be an admirer from afar for fear of becoming an all-out victim of too many all at once (because that’s something I would do), but some are just too good not to partake in. This is an example of one of those irresistable-to-me styles. Shy Creation hits two popular looks of today in one fell swoop with its 14k yellow gold ring. It’s sort of stacking band–meets full-finger ring–meets nail embellishment in one, so perhaps that’s three? When sized properly, the top band, with a smooth, polished finish, sits at the tippy top of the finger, its diamond-encrusted tab laying atop the fingernail for a wonderfully blingy (and instantly removable) manicure. The second band, connected by a gold chain that travels down the finger, is rounded with channel-set diamonds. This is one of those pieces that, though fairly subtle and small in size, has enough going on to make someone stop and have a look. It’s a conversation starter, and for those who want to indulge in a sweet little trend like yours truly, it’s affordable enough to do so without feeling too guilty.

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