Britt’s Pick: Revabella’s Stardusted Sapphires

Welcome to the first edition of Britt’s Pick, a new weekly feature on my blog, On Your Market. Each Tuesday, I’ll select an eye-catching piece from JCK Marketplace and tell you a bit about it. Of course, with jewels this beautiful, the pictures do most of the talking! Enjoy!


RevaBella lariat

Revabella’s sterling silver lariat necklace from the Lariats of Love Collection includes blue sapphire-scattered discs at the end of a popcorn chain. The Centurion 2012 Emerging Designer takes pride in its Stardust Finish, a signature look central to its entire line. Says Robert Namdar, owner of Revabella, “Stardust is an exclusive silvercrafting method wherein we utilize laser-precision cutting to make minor indentations which emit the appearance of small diamonds. It is a style which, simply put from a retailer’s perspective, is a big look at a low cost.” Affordably chic!

For more from Revabella, visits its showroom on JCK Marketplace.


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