Britt’s Pick: Ivanka Trump’s Belle Epoque

Welcome to Britt’s Pick, a new weekly feature on my blog, On Your Market. Each Tuesday, I’ll select an eye-catching piece from JCK Marketplace and tell you a bit about it. Of course, with jewels this beautiful, the pictures do most of the talking.

Ivanka Trump fan earrings

“Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry’s new collection, Belle Epoque, is inspired by early [20th]-century French glamour. The femininity and elegance of this time period is seen through the use of bows, soft fans, and a white-on-white color scheme. The fan of these earrings is detachable, and the diamond bows can be worn alone,” says Karlee Edmonds, vice president of communications for Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry. The earrings seem to dance with their luminescent mother-of-pearl layers, made all the more dazzling with sparkling diamond bow toppers—an easy choice for this edition of Britt’s Pick!

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