Bridal Misconceptions

by Caroline Stanley

It never ceases to amaze me that there can be so many questions about bridal rings. Even when you think you’ve heard them all, there are still more inquiries from your customers. Most are asking what is “right” or what is the “proper” thing to do.

Most people who sell jewelry (and probably many, many others) have likely figured out that there’s no one “right” way to do anything — rather there is probably something that is “right” for your customer and you, as a retailer, need to help him/her/them figure it out.

I’ll share one Q&A below from our new book, Jewelry Savvy; the bridal section in it chock full of others.

I’m a big woman. Do I need a big ring?
I’m a petite woman. Do I need a small ring?

Elizabeth Taylor has been quoted as saying “Big girls need big diamonds.” Image consulting principles of scale certainly come into play, but the bottom line is that you should wear what you love. Many times, small people wear big jewelry and vice-versa. In fact,some petite women wear the biggest, flashiest jewelry and look great in it!

Remember that, if you wish to have a large engagement ring, there are more budget-conscious selections than a solitaire diamond set in a classic Tiffany six-prong setting.Consider purchasing a ring with a less expensive center stone, or a design that uses multiple tiny diamonds or other gemstones in a larger setting that may be more flattering on your finger.

On the other hand, if wearing a large engagement ring makes you nervous or uncomfortable, whatever your size, by all means treasure and enjoy wearing a more modest selection that speaks to you.

Today’s Jewel
Share this smart information above with your customer — if they ask! Most customers you have will be likely to already know what sort of ring they want. If not, using the info above plus trying on many different sized rings, should help with the rest of your customers end up with the perfect sized ring.

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