Brand Boosting

A successful jewelry brand can mean the difference between a focused, thriving company and a rudderless, languishing one. Build the brand on the distinctive value promised through promotion. Focus on the details and every touch point with customers. Branding is an opportunity to make a positive impression about the company and products and services offered. Use marketing to personalize the brand and add value to customer relationships. Further engage your staff with an internal campaign that cultivates a culture of commitment to the brand and a focus on creating customer loyalty. Approach every branding initiative to make sure branding messages are delivered in a consistent manner.Here are six techniques to boost a jewelry brand:

Buzz Marketing- Using high-profile entertainment or news to get people to talk about the brand.

Community Marketing- Forming or supporting niche communities that are likely to share interests about the brand; providing tools, content, and information to support those communities.

Evangelist Marketing- Cultivating evangelists, advocates, or champions who are encouraged to take a leadership role in actively spreading the word on behalf of the brand.

Grassroots Marketing- Organizing and motivating individuals to engage in personal or local outreach.

Integrated Marketing- Communicating on a consistent manner off-line and on-line with the same look and feel in every marketing communication message.

Viral Marketing- Creating entertaining or informative messages that are designed to be passed along in an exponential manner, often electronically or by email.

The ultimate brand evaluation is top of the mind recognition and recall by a jewelry consumer when they are ready to make a purchase. Effective branding is the best means of achieving top-line and bottom-line growth for a jewelry company. Established jewelry brands have proven the ability to command a premium over me-too products in the same product category.

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