Bill Clinton Wears Green Bracelet

Former president Bill Clinton was caught “Green” handed at the VH1 Save the Music 10th Anniversary Gala wearing Simmons Jewelry Co’s philanthropic Green Bracelet.

Russell Simmons saw Clinton backstage at the event and seized the opportunity to tell him about the Diamond Empowerment Fund, his initiative that gives back to Africa. The Green Bracelet donates more than $20 from the sale of each to D.E.F. for educational programs in African countries where diamonds are a natural resource.

“I was officially dared by Simmons Jewelry president Scott Rauch to put this bracelet on your wrist before you go onstage,” Simmons recalls telling Clinton. “He promised me $25,000 to my charity if you do it,” he emphasized.

Clinton paused, looked Russell in the eye, smiled, and grabbed the Green Bracelet, Simmons said. As Clinton spoke onstage on national TV, Clinton waved his wrist in the air with purpose, displaying the bracelet to millions of national viewers.

Clinton and Simmons share the honor of recently being named one of the “25 most influential people of the past 25 years who changed our world” by USA Today.

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