Big Picture Monday: Retail Trends You Should Know About

Every week, JCK’s Big Picture Monday
rounds up the most interesting stories about trends in retailing:

 – Shoppers more

– “Black Friday Week” now
“Black Friday month.”

– Fifty things retail employees should never do before the holidays.

– A new resource for retailers: Mint

– Stores are
getting smaller.

– Law changes rules
for gift cards.

– “Return fraud” costly
for retailers.

– People who sold their store, then
bought it back.

– Consumers have mixed feelings about pre-Christmas promos.

– Web trends that will
impact your business in 2011.

– Word of mouth still best
customer driver.

– Pop-up stores considered great

– Ways to publicize without
a publicist.

– Companies turn workers into “evangelists.”

– iPad increasingly used as sales tool.

– TV shopping “still

– Consumers shopping for
online coupons.