Big Picture Monday: Retail Trends You Should Know About

Every week, JCK’s Big Picture Monday rounds up
the most noteworthy stories about trends in retailing, as well as useful
articles about retail sales and marketing:

– Retailers “planning
conservatively” for holidays.

– Tips for better
customer conversations.

– What really makes
customers happy.

– 105 ways to deal with
difficult customers.

– How to create better
Facebook content.

– Obvious sales strategies you
may be neglecting.

– Customers trust Yellow Pages more than
search engines.

– Tips to create
a better “About Us” page.

– Ways to improve your
online content.

– Five ways to become
a better networker.

– Targeting “Gen Y”

– Marketers look
at “psychographics.”

– Shoppers visiting
fewer stores before buying.

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