Betting On Feng Shui

A casino located in southern California is undergoing a $100 million renovation and is using Feng Shui design principles to foster calm in the new environment. The company spent $50,000 to retain a consultant specializing in the design of Feng Shui. The casino wanted to leverage the powers of this ancient Chinese concept to align forces and harmony with nature. Some of the Feng Shui influences included adding two green trees at the entrance to the casino. Two seems to be a lucky number in Asian cultures. A means of achieving harmony applies to the use of odd numbers rather than even numbers. For example, a fifth lamp will be added to the four that now exist in one area. The “rules of three” design concept is well accepted in western culture. The use of three items rather than two or four is more visually appealing in design and décor. In my visual merchandising consulting I show clients how the use of three colors, three shapes, three materials or even three fonts in written communications add to the visual appeal of a design.Feng Shui calls for the use of certain colors in specific places. Feng Shui states the color black represents wealth. Consider companies like De Beers that use black to create a design motif in their stores and web sites. David Yurman advertising has been very effective by using black and white photography to create an upscale brand image; and new stores use a black color theme in décor and sales people are dressed in black attire. Color is one of the easiest ways to shift the energy in your space and Feng Shui has some guides to help designers.

There are five elements in Feng Shui which include fire, earth, metal, water, and wood and certain colors are to be used with each one. Why not check out these ancient principles that promise a balance in energies of any given space while assuring health and good fortune?

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