Beautiful Bridal Jewelry Designs

Bridal jewelry is a difficult area in which to find newness, especially when the bulk of the population prefers round brilliant center stones set in Tiffany-style mountings. But the following designs are a few of the outstanding, elegant, and uncommon looks seen at recent shows.

While these selections may strike some as unusual choices for diamond engagement rings (DERs), all feature such clever uses of different diamond cuts, shapes, and weights that the end results are fantastically beautiful and unique creations that should be recognized (and worn).


* The colors in this 18k yellow gold and cognac diamond ring harmonize so well. Plus, the design has dimension. The piece is from the Orbit collection. Nina Basharova.

* Two diamond and platinum rings feature clever uses of small diamond cuts and beautiful vintage-inspired interpretations of traditional DERs. Jewellery Theatre.

* This ring is from The Art of Romance collection. It’s a modern look that I actually like a lot better in white gold. However, this is the only image of it that I have. Frank Ruebel Designs.

* DERs from this relative newcomer to jewelry are absolutely some of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen. Shown are the Stronsay, Eriskay, and Epona rings. Maevona.

* I do like the way Hearts On Fire cuts its stones. This Intertwined ring features a simple setting and stone shape, but it sparkles so much that I just love it. Hearts On Fire.

* This platinum and diamond Ball ring is so much fun! It’s a whimsical look that uses lots of small diamonds in an interesting way. The ring with the huge pear-shape diamond is a great vintage-inspired look. Nina Runsdorf.

* Rings from the Entwined collection feature vine-like motifs that are both edgy and feminine. Shaun Leane.