Bangkok Fair to Showcase Purple

The Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair will have a new pavilion designed to “capture the mystery and magic” to what it’s calling the “purple evolution.” 

Called the Sala Design Pavilion, this new section will be located on the main foyer of BGJF will display virtually anything purple, eye-catching, rare and unique—including lavender jade, amethyst, purple sapphire, and purple gold.
Show organizers said the pavilion will include research into the manufacture of purple gold that overcomes the historical challenges of making it strong yet soft enough to withstand shaping into jewelry pieces, while being less reactive to contaminants.
“Sala Design Pavilion is an additional appeal which BGJF organizers have been creating to offer more values to our visitors,” said Somchai Phornchindarak, BGJF chief executive officer.
The display, organizers said, will set the tone for a new wave of jewelry fashion, inspiring designers and manufacturers on how they can capitalize in on the emerging new market opportunities.
“For lovers of jewelry, they can see for themselves what will be available and to cherish, something different to augment their jewelry collection,” Somchai added.
The 41st edition of BGJF is scheduled between Feb. 27 and March 2 at the 861,000 square-foot Challenger Hall. More than 1,000 exhibitors active in 16 key categories of goods and services are available for appointments and business electronically at