Bachelor Baubles: Faraone Mennella Works the Reality Show

If my busy, classy 74-year-old grandmother is a fan of reality show “The Bachelor,” I’m guessing a handful of unassuming JCK readers are as well.

I myself have enjoyed watching several full seasons, delighting in the pressure of rose ceremonies and hometown dates and balking at the consistency with which the departing women cry (all of them! Even the seemingly composed ones! Even when they’ve only known the bachelor for one day!).

Last night’s season finale found bachelor Prince Lorenzo Borghese choosing between two relatively likeable women, Jen and Sadie (I won’t reveal the results in case you haven’t caught up on your TiVo). It was a tough, emotional decision, as emphasized by the repetitive shot of the bachelor pouting, one solitary tear shooting down his cheek with remarkable speed and straightness.

As with many big moments, Lorenzo’s was marked by a formidable piece of jewelry: an engagement ring designed by his mother in conjunction with designers Amedeo and Roberto of Faraone Mennella! What a pleasure to see these dynamic, talented, and comely designers (interviewed by JCK Luxury in our 2006 designer issue) on television, presenting Lorenzo with a beautiful diamond and white gold engagement ring to give the girl of his choice.

And just like that, “The Bachelor” got even better…

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