Avi Paz elected president of Israel Diamond Exchange

Avi Paz was elected President of the Israel Diamond Exchange on Thursday. He replaces Shmuel Schnitzer, who served three consecutive terms as IDE President. Schnitzer, who was elected honorary life president this week at the bourse’s annual general meeting, is also president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

Paz ran against two other persons: Avner Haimoff, and Avraham (Bumi) Traub. On the first round of voting, that took place on April 18. Paz and Traub, who received the most votes, competed for the post during the second round today. In today’s round Avi Paz received 53.77% of the votes, while Bumi Traub received 46.23%.

In addition to president, IDE members also elected a new board of directors. The new Board is as follows:

Yair Sahar, Ilan Samuel, Yossi Siani, Yoram Harel-Haimoff, Yehuda Sayag, Hagai Halevi, Yehezkel Blum, Estie Wertheimer, Ishai Topel, Yitzhak Cohen, Jacob (Cobi) Korn, Shlomo Rabinowitz, Meir Wertheim, Nissim Chen, and Rafi Yerushalmi.

Elections for the control committee were also held. Following are the names of the new members: Effie Lax, Isser Oren, Eyal Badichi, Moti Greenwald, Gil Mesika, Shai Meiri, Itzik Lopatin, Uri Hochfelder, and Alon Schwartz.