Authors wanted to pen Montblanc’s ‘Great American Love Story’

Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City and Trading Up, settles down to write the first line of Montblanc’s Great American Love Story at a private soirée on Wednesday, March 31at 7:00 pm.

The Great American Love Story stands almost two feet tall with 1,000 blank pages and will be on display from April 1 through April 10 at Montblanc’s flagship boutique at 598 Madison Avenue. Bushnell’s handwritten line will call on all New Yorkers, best friends, single gals, and couples to channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw, contributing their thoughts on love and relationships to develop this unconventional love story. The public is invited to creatively expand Bushnell’s opener for a modern day fairy-tale that is built line by line, “author” by “author.” Upon the final written sentence, the Great American Love Story will be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for the novel with the most contributing authors.

Bushnell will pen the first line using Montblanc’s Meisterstück Solitaire Royal diamond fountain pen. Hand crafted with 4,810 pavè diamonds set in 18k gold, the Solitaire Royal is the epitome of extraordinary elegance. Montblanc will have a selection of fountain pens, rollerballs, fineliners, and ballpoints, including the classic Meisterstück 149, for the public to choose for writing their contributed story line.

The story will tour 8 cities throughout the year (New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago, and San Francisco), with the public having the opportunity to cultivate the greatest love story ever told.

The Montblanc global flagship boutique is located at 598 Madison Avenue at 57th Street (T: 212 223-8888). The Great American Love Story will be accessible during the boutique’s regular business hours.