Attention Lottery Winners: Could Molina Fine Jewelers Interest You in Some Diamonds?

With $380 million to split, the two big winners of the Mega
Millions jackpot prize
can afford to splurge on some million-dollar diamonds.
Molina Fine Jewelers in Phoenix has just the pair—his and hers
Asscher-cut diamond rings in platinum with price tags just under $1 million.

Both of the big stones—the 7.08 ct. and the 10.08 ct.—were acquired
in 2010, according to Miguel Ramirez, director of inventory. The first is from
the Golconda mine in India (“long since depleted,” he says), and is a type IIA
stone, meaning it lacks nitrogen and therefore, yellow hues. “This makes D
colors look higher [in quality] than the standard D [color],” he says. “There’s
been a lot of interest in the 7.08 ct. because of the rarity of the piece.”

And the 10.08 ct. stone? It will surely have a buyer soon. “For
an Asscher to have that color and size is extremely rare,” notes Ramirez.



Molina Fine Jewelers
Ladies Asscher-cut diamond ring features a 7.08 ct. D VVS2 stone with two
tapered baguettes set in platinum; $915,000


Molina Fine Jewelers

Men’s platinum ring features a 10.08 ct. F VS2 Asscher,
a 1.11 ct. G VS2 Asscher, a 1.08 ct. H VS1 Asscher, and 1.99 cts.
t.w. D–F VS round brilliant stones; $900,000


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