Asian Salespersons Targeted in California

The Jewelers’ Security Alliance has issued a warning for Asian jewelry salespersons doing business in California. It appears they are being targeted by South American theft gangs.

There have been 16 cases reported to JSA since January of Asian traveling jewelry salespersons, particularly from Hong Kong, being robbed of their lines in California.

The most recent event reported to JSA happened on May 26. Two salespersons from Hong Kong were returning to their hotel at 10:15 p.m. and parked their rental car in the hotel parking lot. A light-colored, four-door foreign sedan parked behind their vehicle, blocking the salespersons in. Three Hispanic men left the sedan, opened the front doors of the rental car, and pinned the salespersons in their seats. The thieves grabbed two black leather bags containing gold and diamond jewelry and fled in the sedan.