Antwerp Diamond Sector Elects New Directors for AWDC

Members of the Antwerp diamond sector went to the polls
Wednesday, June 16 to elect six members of the board of directors of the
Antwerp World Diamond Centre.

In the direct elections, Amit Bhansali and Nishit Parkh were
selected as directors in the more than €100 million annual turnover category;
Sohil Jhaveri and Nishit Kothari
were selected as directors in the €30 million to €100 million annual turnover
category; and Mihir Mehta and Samir Mehta were selected as directors in the
lower than € 30 million annual turnover category.

Already selected to the new board are Philippe Barsamian,
Freddy Inzlicht and Jacky Korn, representing the diamond exchanges; and
Stéphane Fischler, representing the diamond manufacturers. The employees‘
organizations will select their representative shortly.

The new board of directors will elect from among its members
a new president for AWDC. AWDC President Jacky Roth will be retiring after four
years in office.

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