Antwerp Diamond Industry Unveils New “Masterplan”

Antwerp World Diamond Centre has unveiled a new “Antwerp Diamond Masterplan,” intended to keep the Belgian port city at the heart of diamond world.

The plan, launched with the support of Cathy Berx, governor of the province of Antwerp, has two prime objectives: to build growth and innovation opportunities, and to build trust and confidence within the industry and with external stakeholders.

The Masterplan will focus on job creation, education, transparency, and spotlighting Antwerp’s position as a diamond trading hub and diamond knowledge center.

The AWDC also announced the opening of the Diamond Pavilion, a joint venture between the group and the Provincial Diamond Museum of Antwerp, which recounts Antwerp’s long history in the diamond trade. It also features the diamond-covered ECC tennis racket, the city’s shield, and a piece of jewelry from the Napoleonic era.

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