Annual Rough Diamond Reports due April 1

All importers and exporters of rough diamonds in 2008 are reminded that annual reports of rough diamond imports and exports must be filed by April 1, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee said. Anyone who exported or imported rough diamonds in 2008 must file a report.

JVC says that importers and exporters must report the total of their imports or exports in any one of the following categories:

* 7102.10 – Unsorted (gem and industrial) rough diamonds (information corrected)

* 7102.21 – Sorted rough industrial diamonds

* 7102.31 – Sorted rough gem diamonds

The report must include the total number of carats imported or exported in each category, the total number of shipments of each category, and information pertaining to the stockpile remaining unsold at the end of the reporting period for each category—including total carats and approximate total value.

The report should be sent to the Office of the Special Advisor for Conflict Diamonds, U.S. Department of State, via email at:

The template is available on JVC’s Web site;  Or the information may be reported another way.