Annoying Necklace Designs – Part 2

Caroline: In the last blog, you mentioned there were necklace designs guaranteed to annoy. Do tell!
Cynthia: Perhaps the all-time best example shows up in “Sex and the City” — the episode where Carrie wears a lariat necklace with a beaded end pulled through an open loop.
Caroline: I know from experience, that anything loose like that needs adjusting!
Cynthia: There are two cameras on her, and as the cameras switch, the end of the necklace moves up and down… at one point, the end of the necklace is about to pull out of the loop entirely! It is hilarious.
Caroline: And a good lesson for the rest of us, yes? Necklaces with a bit more stability might be better!
Cynthia: That’s right – they need enough length and weight to keep the end in place. Another type of necklace that, by design, needs lots of adjusting is the extra long strand designed to be worn doubled or tripled around the neck. Those never stay put. 
Caroline: Exactly!! Yes, I have had that experience with pearls! A good look when you first get them on, then a disaster when you move your neck.
Cynthia: Often, pearls or beads in extra long strands can be twisted into a double strand and fastened, but that may not be the look you’re going for.
Caroline: I’m having an ‘80 twisted bead flashback. :) Probably not the look anyone is going for today.
Cynthia: You never know… I’ve heard that 80’s clothing designs are coming back into style!  I’m not sure about the shoulder pads though!
Caroline: I shudder at the thought. :) Are there any other designs to be aware of that can cause annoyance? I know a necklace with a toggle catch is similar to the lariat. Either one allows the chain to run through the “catch” with no stability. One necklace I find difficult to wear is the Y necklace. When I wear one, it’s always to one side or the other!
Cynthia: Yes, a necklace with a hanging center drop can require lots of adjustment.Maybe if a customer is the kind of person always in a flutter, constant adjustments are not a big deal, but for anyone who needs to look polished, the styles are not good choices.
Caroline: A very good point. Our jewelry should serve us, we should not be serving our jewelry!


Today’s Jewel

Keep an eye on the necklaces you stock – how are they designed? Are they effortless to wear? Be especially careful if you have necklaces with:

  • a lariat or toggle catch,
  • a necklace that is made to be worn wrapped multiple times around the neck, or
  • a “Y” shaped necklace.

Each of these requires adjustments while being worn. If that’s what your customer wants, be sure she knows what’s in store for her!

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