Annoying Necklace Designs – Part 1!

Caroline: Necklaces are some of the easiest jewelry to wear — and can also be the hardest!
Cynthia: How so?
Caroline: Longer necklaces are easy (from the wearing and clasping perspective) for people who have a hard time with small findings (older folks, those with arthritis, those who can’t see well, etc.).
Cynthia: So true. Many necklaces can be slipped over the head without unfastening them.
Caroline: Yes, very convenient depending on your circumstances. One with a closer fit can be harder to wear. For those who enjoy a more fitted necklace, often it’s hard to keep the catch in the back without fiddling with the necklace while wearing it. 

Cynthia: I have seen that. It can happen with a simple chain or, sadly, sometimes with an expensive designer piece.
Caroline: Yes, I hate seeing some great outfit paired with a fabulous necklace that doesn’t stay where it’s supposed to! Sometimes, it’s because the fit is off — too large or too small.
Cynthia: How can a necklace be too large?
Caroline: If it’s a fitted piece and evenly weighted all around, it can be too large so it does not stay put. Like a Cleopatra collar or something like that.
Cynthia: A well-designed fitted piece conforms to the neck of the wearer… and, as we’ve previously discussed, not all necks are the same! And how do you see a necklace that is too small running into a similar problem?
Caroline: If you stand just right, a too-small necklace looks great. If you move, it gets a bit off and has to be adjusted. I’d say it was kinda “itchy.”
Cynthia: lol. It grabs onto the skin?
Caroline: It can. It has to be fussed with to keep it looking right. I think we’ve all been to a gathering where someone kept fussing with her necklace; I’m sure it’s annoying to wear it. It can be annoying to see it, too! :)
Cynthia: Absolutely!  So a well-designed necklace can be troublesome if it doesn’t fit correctly. In our next blog, we’ll talk about designs that almost guarantee annoyance!


Today’s Jewel

Stay away from selling necklaces that could be considered “itchy” when worn. They can annoy your customers which will not encourage them to come back for more! 


Spend the time with your customer to make sure the fit is right so the necklace fits well and can be worn effortlessly yet add sparkle to her outfit.



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