Labor Day, in large part because it is the symbolic end of summer, is celebrated in beautiful Hermosa Beach, California each year with a three-day street festival. As I write this post, I smell barbecue and hear the lively strains of  “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show drifting up the hill from the festival. 



Delving into a stack of magazines on this holiday, I was amused and inspired by a short article entitled “Campaign Update” in the September 2008 issue of Esquire magazine. “In the 18 months since Barack Obama began running for president. . .,” the article begins, “You could have gotten a whole new smile with Invisalign. A caterpillar could have been hatched, turned into a butterfly, and died. Ten times. The space shuttle Atlantis launched, returned home, and launched again. You could have earned an associates degree in business. . . .”


Could have’s. Things we could have done, ideas we could have pursued, goals we could have accomplished. We can sit around and complain (to wit, Jessica Simpson whining to Elle magazine at age 28, “I’m so old,”) or we can get off our duffs, celebrate our abundance and make a difference. “Wake up, Six,” Nigel says in his life-altering lecture to Andy Sachs as he presses a pencil eraser to her forehead in The Devil Wears Prada



In contemplating the last 18 months, and more specifically the last year, I was reminded that today marks my one-year anniversary of penning this blog solo. The year has flown by, confirming for me how much I love to write. It is a privilege to be able to share my thoughts with you. Thank you.


One year ago, I wrote that the mission of the Jewels on Jewels blog is to focus on consumers, their perceptions and needs, and to translate this focus into observations that can help you attract customers and serve your customers well.


In the typical week, Monday’s “Trend Watch” looks at trends as pictured or portrayed in the consumer press, in ads, editorial copy or celebrity photographs. Who does the trend flatter? How can the trend be adapted by women of different ages, personalities or features? Wednesday’s “Customer Watch” focuses on the unique physical features of customers and how that affects their retail experience. Coming from the perspective of an image consultant, I urge you to appreciate the unique physical features of each and every customer, which can only enhance their shopping experience.


This past year, I’ve blogged about jewelry as it relates to ever-changing fashions ranging from futuristic designs to hippie chic. I’ve looked for inspiration from movies, television series, magazine articles and ad campaigns. I’ve discussed jewelry flattering to hair styles, face shapes, and style personalities. I’ve written about jawlines, necklines, brow lines, bags and sags, eyes, ears and teeth, muscular physiques, chin dimples and laugh crinkles.


I invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions for this blog. Have you found my ideas helpful? Do you occasionally (or consistently) disagree with my point of view? Is there a topic you’d like me to address? How can I make the blog more useful to you? Feel free to post a response. If you’re shy about posting to this blog, you can write me at I’d love to hear from you.


Carpe diem. Seize the day. Or better yet, enjoy the holiday and seize tomorrow!