An Instant Facelift with a Pair of Earrings

By Cynthia Sliwa


Our faces. Wonderfully expressive, they allow one to communicate without saying a word. They also disclose a bit of one’s personal history, giving subtle and not-so-subtle clues about one’s age—and maybe that’s a little more information than one is inclined to share!


Women in particular are bombarded with television commercials and print ads about controlling the signs of aging through skin care regimens and medical procedures. Whether we buy the message (or buy the product or service), most of us do like to look young, younger, or at least young for our age.


I submit that a pair of earrings can help us accomplish this. A simple change of earrings can work like an instant facelift.


Consider the power of earrings. Their glint, sparkle or color attracts the eye of the viewer and focuses it on the area of the wearer’s face. Excellent! Now let’s refine that effect further.


Long earrings with movement draw the eye to the point of the movement, which is at the bottom of the earrings. If the earrings fall to a point near sun-damaged or wrinkled skin on a neck or a double chin, that feature will be noticed.


Similarly, earrings suspended from shepherd’s hooks or French wires bring the viewer’s eye down below the level of the ears to the lower portion of the face. For the woman concerned about “sags and bags,” a downward focus may emphasize the features she would prefer to minimize.


Contrast those styles of earrings with clusters, buttons or other designs that sit on the earlobes. These earrings keep the eyes up at the level of the midpoint of the face, nearer the cheekbones and the eyes. There’s a shift of focus, and the effect can be most flattering. The emphasis moves up. Voila! The effect? Like an instant facelift with a pair of earrings.


Today’s Jewel It’s easy to demonstrate to a customer how a change of earrings brings focus to different features. Chandeliers and drops have been popular for so long, that your customer may not have given thought to the potentially flattering effect of less linear styles. Help her find earrings that bring attention to her best features.

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