A.Jaffe to Debut New Collection at JCK Las Vegas 2019

I’ve been really excited to share with you my thoughts on potential trends to seek out at JCK Las Vegas, as well as the brightly colored jewels that are that are quickly making my list of must-sees virtually impossible to accomplish during my time at the show. So that leaves an all-important category that must never be forgotten—you couldn’t possibly—a retailer’s bread and butter: wedding jewelry. That’s engagement rings, wedding bands, and even stacking rings that can be used as wedding or anniversary bands. (There are also engagement pendants!)

In the category of engagement rings and settings, there will always be more to discover. The art of wedding jewelry is subtle in many ways and more about the detail than anything else. What I mean to say is, there are varying degrees of engagement ring design, evident up close, which require more time and careful consideration as brides-to-be study the curves, swoops, swirls, and diamond accents. It’s easier to compare a large blue topaz ring to an amethyst one and choose your preference than it is to select the “perfect” engagement ring. And that’s the way it’s meant to be, a decision not made lightly or immediately, for a ring they’ll continue to ogle and inspect when it sparkles on their finger for many years to come.

And that’s why the engagement ring business is such a big one—there are so many variations to be offered. I can’t imagine this makes it easy for an engaged-to-be’s search, but it’s great to have options. Let’s introduce another one, shall we?

From A.Jaffe, a new collection called Modern Royals (which has me by the name because I am quite fond “the” royal family) will make its debut at JCK Las Vegas this year. According to a press release from the company, the collection gets its name in celebration of the “strength and sought-after style of our favorite female royalty icons,” and does so through five different points of customization. Customers may make their selections on crown color, quilt color, head shape, head size, and shank style. So again, brides have options.

“The Modern Royals collection launch is exciting for the A.Jaffe brand, as it shows the full range of manufacturing expertise that our company is known for,” said chief executive officer Sumay Bhansali, in a press release. “Each piece in the collection is an intricate assembly of up to five separately crafted jewels, which allows for a combination of multicolor 18k golds (white gold with subtle rose gold), as well as the fusion of platinum and 18k yellow gold.”

Following its debut at the show, the Modern Royals collection will have its introductory period at the Jewels in Paradise boutique within the Ritz- Carlton, Aruba before rolling out via more retailers later this year.

Visit A.Jaffe at Luxury by JCK and JCK Las Vegas, booths LUX1026 and PC-840.

Top: An example of the Modern Royals collection in 18k white and rose gold with diamonds, $2,330 (center stone not included)

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