AGTA selects JCOC as its market research partner

The American Gem Trade Association selected the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council ( a division of MVI Marketing, Ltd., as its exclusive market research partner.

“This exciting alliance will further expand AGTA’s ability to provide significant market intelligence to our members and the industry as a whole,” Douglas Hucker, AGTA executive director, said in a statement. “Color is a very hot category at retail right now and we need to know what consumers want and will pay for and we need to be able to communicate that market intelligence to our members and the trade.”

MVI Marketing, Paso Robles, Calif., using, will assume selected responsibilities for the market research functions of the AGTA. AGTA and MVI, through, will cross-promote each other via e-mails, Web sites, and other promotions.

“Bringing together the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council’s research vehicle and AGTA’s consumer base will provide the AGTA membership with more insight and predictive capabilities than ever before,” Martin Hurwitz, co-founder and CEO of MVI Marketing, said in the statement. “Without a doubt, valuable market information will emerge from this cooperative agreement.”

The first AGTA and initiative will be a comprehensive consumer and trade study on ‘color.’ It will be structured as a tracking study to compare and contrast the results with the JCOC’s previous study on color for AGTA that was so widely accepted by the AGTA membership. The study, scheduled for completion in Jan. 2006, will be in two parts:

* A comprehensive consumer research study of perceptions, preferences, and behaviors related to colored gemstones and cultured pearls.

* A jewelry industry study on colored gemstones and cultured pearls with retailers of all sizes.
The complete report of findings and analysis will be available for free to those retailers who participate in the trade study.