AGTA GemFair Seminars on DVD

The American Gem Trade Association recorded the GemFair Seminar Program in Tucson for the first time this year using technology that combines audio recording synched with the speaker’s PowerPoint presentation.

The Association is distributing complimentary copies of the 25-seminar DVD-Rom to every member company and is making the recordings available to non-members for $50.

“A large part of AGTA’s mission is keeping our members, and the industry as a whole, informed about current issues, trends and better ways of doing business,” stated Douglas K. Hucker, AGTA chief executive officer. “This series of seminars accomplishes all of these things by providing an incredible wealth of information by the most knowledgeable presenters in our industry and beyond.”

The single DVD-Rom contains subjects ranging from gemology to estate jewelry to color trends to sales, marketing and buying tips. Speakers include Richard Drucker, Kate Peterson, Terry Sisco, Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute, and Betty Sue King.  Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company presents a session on safe shipping that can be used in any industry business. Cecilia Gardner of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee is also featured presenting the newest information on Memo Transactions and, in conjunction with Doug Hucker of the AGTA and Peggy Jo Donahue of JA, the Burma Ruby and Jadeite ban.

A full list of the seminars and an order form can be found on the AGTA’s Web site at, or can be requested by emailing