AGTA Board Election Results

The American Gem Trade Association announced Wednesday the results of the 2010 AGTA Board of Directors elections.

Peter Bazar of Imperial-Deltah, Inc., Sushil Goyal of Liberty Gems, Inc. and Cynthia Renee Zava of Cynthia Renee, Co. were all elected to three-year terms as Directors. These terms will take effect at the 2010 AGTA Membership Meeting at GemFair Tucson.

The following AGTA Officers’ and Directors’ terms continue through the coming year:

Benjamin Hackman, president; Robert Bentley, vice president; Kambiz Sabouri, vice president; Betty Sue King, secretary; John Bachman, secretary; Sampat Poddar, treasurer; Bear Williams, director; Gerry Manning, director; Bill Larson, director; Ambrish Sethi, director; Ruben Bindra, director; Ron Ringsrud, director; Glenn Lehrer, director; Joe Orlando, director; Lois Wacholtz, director; Barbara Lawrence, past president.

 The AGTA Membership Meeting is open to all AGTA Members and will be held Sunday, February 7, 2010, at the Tucson Convention Center.