AGS to Issue Royal Asscher Cut Diamond Reports

The Royal Asscher Cut DiamondAGS Laboratories is set to introduce its Light Performance Diamond Quality Report for the Royal Asscher Cut diamond in the United States. Under the arrangement, AGS Laboratories will be the primary grader of Royal Asscher Cut diamonds in the U.S.

“The Royal Asscher Cut was two years in research and development before it launched in 2001,” said Lita Asscher, president, Royal Asscher of America. “There are distinct and crucial differences between the Royal Asscher Cut and the Asscher or square-emerald cut. By working with AGS Laboratories we aim to further educate the jeweler and consumer market about the key differences between the two cuts, and simultaneously protect our patent. Through this exclusive grading program, AGS Laboratories recognizes the intellectual property rights of our company as proprietary cut manufacturers, likewise we recognize AGS Laboratories as an authority in diamond grading and believe this will be a mutually beneficial strategic alliance for both companies.”

Asscher added “As branded cuts gain market share and wider recognition they need to be graded by a laboratory that understands, in context, what they are grading. AGS Laboratories’ decision to offer proprietary cut grading ensures that the rights of jewelers are protected when they purchase branded diamonds, offering vital security throughout the buy chain from jeweler to consumer.”

The Royal Asscher Cut is protected by a worldwide patent. Royal Asscher’s own laboratory, housed within Royal Asscher’s Amsterdam Worldwide headquarters protects quality standards. Each diamond is graded in house, and is laser inscribed with the Royal Asscher logo and an individual identification number specific to the diamond. The number is registered with the Royal Asscher Diamond Company in Amsterdam and is listed on a certificate that accompanies the diamond. Royal Asscher® then sends its diamonds to AGSL for certification.

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