AGS Labs Launches Light Performance Report

AGS Laboratories, LLC has launched a new diamond grading document, the AGS Laboratories Light Performance Diamond QualityTM Report. It has many of the same features as the existing Diamond QualityTM Document, but now includes a Light Performance Map, shown on the body of the document. In addition, the report includes a separate grade for light performance.

“The separate grade for light performance and the inclusion of the light performance map are an important marketing differentiator for the manufacturers and retailers who use it,” said Frank Dallahan, president and chief executive officer of AGS Laboratories. “It’s also a very consumer friendly document, in keeping with all other AGS Lab documents.”

The light performance map is a computer image of the actual diamond’s light performance characteristics. It is not a stock photograph.

“We wanted a report that illustrated our breakthrough Light Performance Cut Grade on paper. With this report, we’ve achieved that goal,” Dallahan said.

AGS Labs marketing team tested the report with many diamond manufacturers. During the research phase, the team noticed that the document was quickly earning the nickname the “platinum report,” due in large part to its platinum color scheme, and also as a differentiator between the lab’s other recently released report, the proportion-based Diamond QualityTM Report, or “gold report,”  named as such due to its gold color scheme.

“Platinum is a perfect descriptor for this document,” Dallahan said. “It immediately connotes the pinnacle.”