AGS Labs’ Free Podcast on Diamond Buying

American Gem Society Laboratories has created a podcast called “Diamond Buying 101” and has made it available on its Web site and on YouTube for free.

AGS described the seminar as “a practical, informative, and in-depth video providing the broadest scope of any consumer guide to diamond buying available today.”

The video contains a comprehensive overview of the 4Cs of a diamond; industry terms used for diamonds (such as brilliance, fire, and scintillation); questions to ask the retail jeweler; tips on finding a jeweler; and what to look for in diamond grading reports.

Frank Dallahan, president and chief executive officer of AGS Laboratories; Peter Yantzer, executive Director of AGS Laboratories; and Ruth Batson, executive director and chief executive officer of the American Gem Society provide commentary along with candid interviews with would-be diamond buyers.