AGS Laboratories to offer free facet arrangement templates

AGS Laboratories has announced that it will provide at no cost facet arrangement templates for the new AGS cut-grade system to manufacturers of non-contact measuring devices. These manufacturers include Sarin Technologies, OGI Systems, and OctoNus Software.

“With the rollout of the new AGS cut grading system, it is important that the diamond industry be able to create accurate three-dimensional models. These templates help to increase accuracy. This is an ongoing project with new templates being released through the manufacturer’s requests,” says Peter Yantzer, executive director, AGS Laboratories.

Any manufacturer with a patented cut who would like for AGS Laboratories to issue a facet arrangement template to the non-contact measuring-device companies can send a line drawing illustration of the stone, along with the patent number and country of issue, to

AGS Labs began issuing Diamond Quality Documents on the new princess cut starting May 1, and on June 1 began grading under the new system for round brilliant cuts. For more information on AGS Laboratories, please visit