AGA to Host Conference in Tucson

The Accredited Gemologists Association will hold a daylong conference in Tucson Jan. 31, 2007, at the Marriott University Park. The conference will be followed by a gala dinner dance and awards ceremony.

Chief researchers for the Gemological Institute of America, Shane McClure, and Christopher Smith, will present their new research findings on determination of country of origin for gems based on a classification system. The GIA may begin using this classification system on future gemstone identification reports. Following this presentation, Richard Drucker and Stuart Robertson of the GemGuide, will show how country of origin affects gem prices.

The afternoon sessions will have panel discussions. The first will be on synthetic diamonds, diamond nomenclature, and HTHP diamonds. The panel will include Jim Shigley, Tom Chatham, S. Clark McEwen, Dona Beaton, and Russ Meyers. The next panel will discuss appraisals, investment fraud, and other biting issues. Presenters include Cecelia Gardner, Antoinette Matlins, Richard Drucker, David Bidwell, and appraiser Kirk Root.

The evening will conclude with a festive dinner and awards ceremony where this year’s winner of the prestigious Anthony Bonanno Excellence in Gemology will be announced. Dancing will follow.

For information or to register, go to or call G-Force Services at 619-501-5444 for a registration form.