AGA to hold a town meeting to combat fraud during JCK Show

The Accredited Gemologists Association will hold a “Town Meeting: Speak Out Against Fraud and Fight Back,” at the Venetian Hotel, Saturday, June 3 during the JCK Show ~ Las Vegas. The conference will be held from 1 pm to 5 pm followed by a reception. The meeting will discuss the rising incidence of new and innovative forms of fraud and misrepresentation. AGA calls it “one of the most serious problems facing our industry.”

“And the threat is no longer limited to local competitors, but has expanded tremendously through the world of cyberspace. From selling diamonds and gemstones that are not what they are represented to be, to failing to disclose essential information required by the FTC, this is becoming a situation where ‘anything goes,’ AGA said in a statement. “Labs are cropping up everywhere, seemingly legitimate, but turning out fraudulent certificates. Even gemstone telemarketing scams are back. All of this hurts not only consumers, but every legitimate retailer, designer, appraiser, and gem testing laboratory.”

At the meeting, AGA said it will take a look at the various types of illegal activity now occurring, discuss how to stop it, and help create a plan with which to effectively combat it.

Panelists will direct the discussion and supervise the creation of a specific plan. Following the Vegas show, AGA said it will spearhead a taskforce to implement the plan.

The lineup of panelists includes Richard Drucker, President, Gemworld International, Inc., publisher of The Guide, and vice president of AGA; Antoinette Matlins, gemologist, author and well-known consumer advocate; C. R. Beesley, founder and director of the Gemstone Standards Commission, Barry Block, president, The Jewelry Jude, independent appraiser; Cecilia Gardner, executive director and general counsel, Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

Conference registration opens at 1 pm, meeting room to be announced. Attendance is strictly limited to 75 people, so advance registration is highly recommended. The cost of the conference is $75.00 (this covers reception and room charges only). Register through the AGA Web site or contact our conference coordinator Jan Giamanco at